Wednesday, April 9, 2014

biggest loser runwalk half marathon.

I truly don't even know where to begin to start with this.  That weekend ranks up there as one of the best weekends I've ever had, if not THE best weekend I've ever had!

It all started with Stan and I heading to Austin for the expo.  While there, I was able to take a few pictures with some of the past Biggest Loser contestants.

From there, we went to Panera Bread, because he had never been to one!  I had only been like twice before, and we both loved it.

After our meal, he took me to my good friend Emily's, because she was letting me crash at her house.  We had a great time at a German cafe while enjoying different appetizers and chatting.  I didn't eat much since I had just had Panera, but I did make sure to at least sample everything!  Soon after, I called it a night since I had an early morning wake up call.

That morning I woke up and did my usual thing.  I got ready, ate 2 slices of bread with peanut butter, and I drank my Spark as Stan drove me to the race site.

We stood around and waited until it was time to go.

I shed the jacket right as it was time for us to head out, and then we were off!

Miles 1-8 I felt so strong.  I couldn't believe how easily I had run all 8 miles in the 10:20 range.  I was doing amazing!

And then the wind hit.

From mile 8 on, we were running into the wind just about the entire time, and it was a definite struggle. I mentioned in my last post how shocked I was that I had completed a 10k without stopping to walk.  At this point, I was at mile 8 of a half marathon, and I still hadn't walked!!  I couldn't believe it!  I told myself the wind could slow my pace down a bit, but there was no way I was going to let it make me walk after running so far.

Up until mile 8, I knew I had my sub 2:30 in the bag.  I started to worry a bit as I was on the struggle bus for the last 5 miles.  I knew I could do it as long as I didn't slow down too much, so I pressed on.  It hurt, it wasn't pretty, but I'm proud of myself for finding the strength to continue without letting myself walk.  I knew I didn't need to walk, I just wanted to walk, and that wasn't a good enough reason to stop.

Once the end was in sight, I was so, so happy because I knew I was going hit my goal.

This is by far one of my favorite pictures of the whole day.  I DID IT!  2:21:35.

See the people on the left in the picture above?  The ones leaning on the rail?  That is my family!  My family who I had NO IDEA WAS THERE!  In that moment, I had no clue they were there!

I ran through the chute and gave high-fives to the people standing at the rail.  I felt someone grab my arm, I made eye contact with her and quickly waved, then turned back around to find Stan.  The same person grabbed my arm again, and I had to do a double take before I figured out it was my mom!!  I had just stared her in the face a second ago, and it never once registered it was her until she grabbed me a second time!

My mom, her husband, my sister, her husband, and their two daughters all came to surprise me at the finish!!!  Apparently it had all been planned, with Stan's help, for months, and I had no clue whatsoever!  They all had on "Team Tyly" shirts decorated with 13.1, runners, The Biggest Loser, etc.  I was already elated to have reached the goal I chased for years, and to have that take place on top of it??  I can't even put into words how much it all meant to me!

I am not a good enough writer to convey what it all meant to me.  I'm not sure there will ever be a moment that is able to top this one!  I am so, so lucky to have people in my life that love me as much as they do.


Kimberly Westrich said...

How incredible to have your family surprise you like that and to experience it right after meeting your goal! Congratulations!

kimert said...

I love everything about this post!! From your skinny self in that orange shirt, to your family to being there and to that amazing PR and sub 2:30!!! GO TYLY!!!! You should be so so so proud of all your hard work.

Abby said...

Woohoo so great that you got the PR and that they all came to surprise you. So amazing!

runawaywithkristenk said...

What an amazing surprise! Congrats on the PR and a sub 2:30 race! That is my goal and I was soooo close last time! I feel like we always seem to have the same race goals so I just wanted to tell you that I'm totally jealous and you need to teach me how to be that fast! :P

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Congrats Girl!! Sounds like an amazing weekend! You have come so far!! Carri~A Running bee

Deborah Brooks said...

Congrats on the PR and great race!
Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother Runner

Kim Turner said...

So much awesomeness in this post!!
First - huge congrats on the PR!!
Second - you look amazing!! I love that you are smiling in all of the pictures - you look so happy!
And - I love that your family came and surprised you!!!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

WOOHOO great job hitting your goal! The wind is so tough to run into mentally and physically. Lots of great pictures, you look strong finishing!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

You can tell you had a great time from the smiles in every photo! Congrats on your race finishing time!

Teresa said...

Congrats!!! Awesome race recap! So sweet of your family to surprise you at the finish. Loved the pictures!!!

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